Most intimidating lines

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Most intimidating lines

We’re just an episode away from the end of this season of Game of Thrones.We saw someone dead come back to life, someone who is unable to walk travel through time, someone blind regain her vision – and her swag, and some bastards battling it out.Or when your boss proclaims that they like Antman more than Deadpool. Try this on him softly, menacingly and watch him back away.The single-most epic moment though, involved the most mundane of everyday objects – a door!

So before the Winds of Winter blows through tomorrow, we revisit the most memorable lines from the last six seasons of our favourite series and look at ways to use them in daily life. Season 1: The things I do for love Jaime Lannister famously says this with a smirk and without an ounce of conscience before pushing ten-year-old Bran Stark down a tower, when the kid finds Jaime getting handsy with his sister, Cersei.

Daily Usage Guide: In less extreme situations, please. Or when your boyfriend sweetly, and very slyly, suggests that he’s craving that pasta you make – on a Sunday morning!

Daily Usage Guide: When a rowdy driver incessantly honks at you and you feel the urge to get out of your car, go up to his, roll up your sleeves and deliver this superb dialogue in the most intimidating way possible.

That should leave him looking behind anxiously every time he takes a wrong turn.

Season 3: You know nothing, Jon Snow The most famous catchphrase that Go T has given us to date, this was said by the wildling Ygritte to Jon Snow for various reasons, throughout Season 3 and 4.

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First, to insult his ignorance of going-ons beyond the Wall, then flirtingly about his lack of experience in more venereal matters, and lastly, tenderly before she dies in his arms.

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