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Hong Kong tabloids reported that Bosco Wong had been secretly dating 20-year-old starlet, Bella Lam for two years.Recently, Bella reportedly bragged that she was Bosco’s girlfriend and even gave herself a nickname, “Bo Bo B”.Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have been dating for over a year and their relationship is getting increasingly stable.According to Chinese media reports via Asian Pop News, Ronghao was attending an event in Shanghai recently.

An inside source revealed that Bella would take initiative to get close to Bosco although she did not share any scenes with him.However, on the third day, he suddenly changed hotels.Rainie and her parents also appeared at the same hotel.He was seen having a meal with Rainie’s parents for three hours.This led to speculation if the group was discussing the couple's wedding plans.

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Myolie had started to find something amiss about her boyfriend, but did not feel that lead actress, Kate Tsui was the cause of his strange behaviour.

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