Naughty granny dating

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Naughty granny dating

The first time Prince Charles met Camilla Shand (today his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall), legend has it she seduced him with the words: ‘My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-great-grandfather — so how about it?’That great-great-grandfather was Queen Victoria’s oldest son, Bertie, who would become Edward VII. though she never had sex with her own husband, according to gossip below stairs.

Throughout his reign, which began in 1901, she liked to say she was the real Queen of England, and that his wife Alexandra was not his soulmate — she was.

But Bertie, as he was known to friends, was far from being the first wealthy man Mrs Keppel seduced for his money.

His private secretary, Sir Francis Knollys, destroyed mountains of letters and private papers in a bonfire that lasted days.

But fragments of evidence have survived the intervening century to tell a fascinating story.

One piece was discovered in a strongbox that had lain forgotten at Drummonds Bank at Trafalgar Square for decades after Alice’s own death.

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It contained a fortune in jewellery, most of it gifts from the King to Alice.

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