Not ready for dating

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Not ready for dating

Frankie, I could really use some good advice on a situation that has got me completely turned upside down.I met this girl through a mutual friend who had recently just come out.A few months later we saw each other at a party and spend the entire night talking, flirting, and making out.

Anyway, she said she thought that when she came out that she would just be hooking up with girls, and that it would just be easy, again no strings.And when it came to me she said, “I wasn’t supposed to meet you yet,” as in, I really like you, but I am just not ready right now.We hit it off immediately and ended up hooking up (not sex) the first night we met.I called her a couple days later to try to meet up with her (for a real date) and sort of got the brush off twice, so I just let it go.Then, I ran into her at an event a little while later and it was pretty clear that she was still interested in me, so we hooked up again.

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She blew me off again after that and I was like whatever.