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I'm sorry guys, but the backpack clasp over the chest, no matter how cute, how tall, how buff you are - will NEVER look cool.That little clasp has the ability to bring you down from a 7 to a 4 in 2 seconds flat.And while we're on backpacks, unless you're going to play ball, going to the library, are on a skateboard, or I don't know, in high school, maybe think about ditching the Jansport all together.Especially if you're that guy on the 4 train wearing an ill fitting suit. Ill fitting suit, new balance sneakers, North Face backpack (with the chest clasp of course), and an Ipod hanging from his ear. Half pre-adolescent, half college dropout, half wannabe grownup, ALL kinds of wrong. Celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain is on the market again after his nine-year marriage to Ottavia Busia. As time passes and I grow older, I can live life for better or worse. It is of the utmost importance to get very clear about who you are and what you expect for your life with a partner. The answer is simply men, or I should say lost men.Although it may be too soon to suggest he take a leap from the hot pan of matrimony into the fire of the dating scene, perhaps he might develop a taste for the greener side of the menu de l'amour. I don't have to live a certain way anymore by numbing my pain. I'll do it for Dexter, but most importantly, I'll do it for me. Sometimes it feels like there's no one out there to date. This is know man hating article, but rather an honest view of many who make successful women crumble for no purpose beyond an ego boost.

To complement my night of watching The Soup, I decided to order Chicken Tom Yum soup from Little Basil.

Following yesterday's crazy day at the office, I decided to opt out of my cute skirt and sharp-as-a-martini-olive-toothpick heels in favor of Joel Mc Hale's latest episode of The Soup.

While I find the show hilarious, Joel Mc Hale is also one of my regular guy celebrity crushes.

We've all experienced that moment where we think we are ready to date someone exclusively or perhaps even call them our boyfriend/girlfriend.

Maybe you two have recently been on a series of great dates and it feels like you have an undeniable connection.


After leaving the office to pick up my order onthe way home from the office I spotted something.

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  2. LOS ANGELES—“I think everybody should do what they need to do to feel good about themselves,” Jim Carrey began when asked in a recent interview about his former girlfriend Renée Zellweger’s new look.

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