Oblivion goranga dating system v1 01 Adult chat rooms for blacks

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Oblivion goranga dating system v1 01

This ignores the fact that such content is not merely available, but both popular and celebrated.

Rather than defend its existence, such members should ask themselves why they choose to access it, and whether the possibility exists that it is negatively influencing both their own social outlook, ability, and female perception; and/or that of their community peers.

Whilst most such content focuses on the female player character as a victim, the small number that allow active play as a violent male rapist are particularly concerning.

The extreme and abhorrent nature of the popular available content is both indisputable and blatantly apparent to any observer, including the community's own membership.

Extreme internal views shamelessly defend such content by attempting to justify rape and male supremacy.

The extreme content would not be tolerated by any other modding community, or by the mainstream media of any country.However, as is concluded in the paragraph above, this is not the issue.Much content celebrates male supremacy and rape culture, whilst popular extreme content covers situations such as, but not limited to; violent rape and sexual assault; forced pregnancy; bestiality; sexual slavery and forced prostitution.More moderate content concerns; 'consensual' prostitution; hypersexualization of female characters, including forced 'nymphomania' and universal provocative clothing; and degrading and humiliating dialogue.The existence and accepting attitude in this community encourages further creation of such material, aiding moral validation in the minds of the membership.

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