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Posted by / 22-Jun-2016 17:43

Online dating websites black people

A couple of weeks ago, an ad kept popping up on my Twitter timeline.Typically I don’t pay much attention to the ads, especially if it’s one for a fast-food company, overpriced cable or a cellular-service company.

Yes, yet another dating app to add to the likes of Tinder, Ok Cupid and Match.But this one claims that it’s different because it’s for educated and professional black folks!I immediately looked down at the Old Navy flip-flops I had on. Now, in the world of online dating, studies show that the odds are stacked against black people, particularly black women.A popular Ok Cupid report basically said that black women were contacted the least of all races, even by black men.As someone who’s no stranger to online dating, I can’t say that my interests were immediately piqued.

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Probably because of the term “sophisticated.” I thought to myself, just because I’m an educated professional, does that mean I’m sophisticated?