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Posted by / 03-Jan-2016 22:00

If you’re not new to this blog, or not new to my other writings, you know well my opinion, based on statistical dating and lay tracking, regarding women over the age of 30. In my experience, women over the age of 33, in general (yes, there are always odd exceptions) are harder to lay, take longer to lay, have more ASD, are more demanding, and are more work in dating relationships.

Once I get them in front of me, which can be difficult, a lay is in the bag. So because of all this, you know that in terms of sarging and seduction, I avoid women over age 33 like the plague, unless I already know them in my social circle.

(In which case they’re as easy to lay as anyone else.

Yes, there are a few men who have made a career out of quickly and easily fucking women over 30.

But these are always guys are very good at positioning themselves to older women as good-looking, fun, younger guys with no money and zero provider potential. But that will never work for me and most other guys out there.

In other words, I can fill my entire calendar, every day for the next three months, with women age 35 to 45 easily and instantly without breaking a sweat.

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