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Orphan dating

Benefits to dating someone with no family - You don't have to deal with her family.Negatives - That person is stuck dealing with your family year after year as a friendly reminder they don't have a family of their own.Year after year you get to have a family there for important events while she has no one. No mother to be there for her if you have children.No father to walk her down the isle if you ever get married. You then get to be stuck being the only family member there for her and she gets to force you into talking to your parents even when you don't want to because she knows how important family is.Only a crappy human would rather have the person they love have no family than have to step up and "impress" her family.My husband is married to an orphan, and he loves me, but he would tell you in a quick minute it would make him much happier to have to "impress" a set of parents thank know his wife has to go through holiday after holiday, important life event after another, feeling what it feels like to have no family. In fact I would probably be less incline to enjoy being with someone who has a very large family where there are no boundaries.

In fact, my cousin dated a girl that was once an orphan and he don't even need to impress her parents.

Had to log in just to answer this question because I couldn't believe how one sided it was!

Any decent human being would rather the person they love have a family.

They would rather the person they love have a support system to go to.

The orphan also has to have had a rough life not having parents.

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This creates issues that you will then get stuck dealing with.

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