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Physical attractiveness in dating

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is one of the only truths that exist when evaluating the physical appeal of the opposite sex.

While using labels to describe the beauty of a woman, the words are somewhat arbitrary.

I make decisions to approach women based on whether I find her physically attractive.

It doesn’t matter if I find her cute, sexay, beautiful, or pretty, if she catches my eye and looks friendly enough, I’m going to strike up a conversation.

Beautiful women have an inner glow that is hard to ignore.

Something about the way they move, talk, laugh, or smile, is intoxicating.

Words like “pretty, beautiful, cute, and sexay” mean different things to me than they do to another man, simply because our tastes are different.

When I think of pretty women, it looks like they’re about to hit the runway.

It’s mesmerizing to watch a beautiful woman do almost anything, simply because their beauty seems to be present in almost every action they do.

Beautiful women are usually near the top of the attraction scale for me; they have few physical flaws and are always someone I’d be interested in dating.

With that said, the words do bring up different types of women, so I’ll give a quick breakdown of each word as I use them.

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If I say a woman is beautiful, I’m referring to a combination of both her personality and her looks.