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Eventually as many as 1,500 signed on to see the desperate act – with some urging him to hurry up – apparently believing it a hoax.

One of the messages, when translated, reads, “I will haunt you day and night after I'm dead." She then posted a photo of some burning items, and a picture of her feet hanging off the ledge of a building. It's not completely clear what happened next, but Chinese forum Mop shared a photo of what appears to be a woman's body lying in a pool of water in a carpark with police investigating the scene.

The tragic story began about two weeks before when the young woman started posting photos with worrying captions detailing her devastation at a recent break up.

This is a live, streaming HD webcam from Venice Beach, California, just south of Santa Monica.

Venice Beach is an eclectic, funky, and definitely unique place where sidewalk vendors line the boardwalk selling their wares, many of the items homemade; and street performers entertain the passing crowds by performing their unusual talents.

A young woman in China may have posted her final moments of life on Instagram.

The Cam can be operated by the viewer by clicking on the Control Cam button.

One of the most interesting times to view Beach Cam is during the weekend, when up to 150,000 people visit a day.

It all started when Biggs told users on a bodybuilding site he would kill himself that night and invited them to watch the live video.

Those monitoring the web forum ignored his message because they assumed it was a joke, but others posted insults and even encouraged him to kill himself.

Instead of raising the alarm and potentially saving her life, her followers simply liked the pictures or wrote shallow comments underneath.

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(Source 1 | Source 2) In a striking display of the power of live video, Abraham K.

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