Reality dating shows and drama dating pubs glasgow

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Reality dating shows and drama

“My kids don’t even ever consider me having fun,” Barbara says in one clip from the show.

“So I’d like to have a little more fun in my life before, you know, I die.” “I’m going to have Jace soon full-time so she needs someone to talk to because she’s going to talk to herself in the mirror,” Jenelle says in the clip above.

Yes, even when wishing her well, Jenelle has to slip in a jab about her custody battle with Barbara.

Barbara divorced Jenelle's father back in 1996 (Apparently the relationship was filled with insane drama! ), and she broke up with longtime boyfriend Mike a few seasons ago.

Even though "Mike" is the ideal mom's-boyfriend name, it's not easy to date an Evans woman, and Babs' hunt for a suitable dude should be an entertaining one.

That's right, viewers will can now follow along with the woman who brought Jenelle into the world on a new limited-run web series.

The fantastically-titled Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you didn't know you wanted.

“The other women were really at a point where they did not want to shoot with me,” she tells Fox411. Kind of like what happened to my friend Kristen on New York Housewives.” The tipping point, Glanville says, came when she jokingly slapped co-star Lisa Vanderpump across the face. “This season, when you are watching ‘Housewives,’ you get to see the Lisa I knew from Day One and how strategic and planning [she is],” Glanville says. GLANVILLE: I am a Scorpio so I am a little bit crazy. ” And my friends would be like, “Brandi, you are being crazy. He adores you.” Then it turns out I was right the whole time. FOX411: How did being on “Famously Single” help you find love again?

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I am still really close to Yolanda [Hadid] and Kim [Richards]. So never say no.” Click here to subscribe to FOX411’s You Tube channel The former model left Bravo’s hit reality series in 2015 when producers decided not to invite her as a full time cast member. GLANVILLE: It is definitely because of what I went through with Eddie [Cibrian, who cheated with singer Le Ann Rimes]. FOX411: Was his cheating so difficult because you were so blindsided by it or did you have an inclination that maybe he could do that? All I care about are my children and that they are brought up properly and that they don’t try to play their dad and mom against each other because they know we don’t get along.

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