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Restau dating com

A heated, twinkly, cosy terrace, with candlelights and blankets and a cosseted feel.The food is all date night specials: great steaks, calamari to share, creme brulee. Cuttlefish, fried with beacon red chilli, chicken served on aubergine glistening with golden batter. May Fair Kitchen, The May Fair Hotel, Stratton St, London W1J 8LT, uk The newly-refurbed May Fair Kitchen is a sunny delight full of Mediterranean goodness: sharing plates that are made for dates. Huge meaty slabs of octopus, slick in a sour sauce, an umami crunch from a bed of wafer thin celery.

His formative years at Galvin Bistrot de Luxe are evident: pithiviers burst with buttery snails, lamb cutlets glisten with creamy fat and staff take perfect care to look after you.

A menu you can't go wrong with, for when you just want to huddle under the stars.

(Side note: always listen to what your date is saying. It's smart and chic, making it feel like an event, like a place Carrie and Samantha would go if they lived in London right now, but the staff are so friendly it doesn't read as over the top.

Hutong, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1, Halfway up The Shard, stretching expansively across the 33rd floor, is upscale Chinese restaurant Hutong. This is event dining at its best - impossible not to fall for the person sat opposite you, framed by the skyline below. There's a rustic charm to the decor and the menu reads like one you might find down a quiet street in San Sebastian, but don't let that fool you - this is high end, high quality food and service, offered in a refreshingly friendly way.

And from September 12 - 25 they are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival (a Chinese time for thanksgiving) with a special tasting menu, £65 per person.

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The menu, a curious mix of Welsh and Spanish (think charcuterie boards made with Wales-bred pigs) is what you'd expect from a room with vaulting, curled staircases: beautifully presented and confidently opulent.