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Rob dyrdek dating chanel

"I also like the challenge of focusing on a role," she said.

"You're showing up and acting someone else's words, and you're focusing on filling your every limb, every finger with this character.

"Ne-Yo concluded the tribute with a heartfelt version of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," which brought celebrities like Gina Rodriguez and Chanel Iman to their feet.

But the awards show did take the opportunity to remind teens about the tragedies that have occurred in our country in recent years.

Jessica Alba brought to the stage a group of "brave teenagers who share an unlikely bond that's hard to comprehend." "They are the brothers, sisters, daughters, and family members of recent victims of gun violence," she said.

"A lot of ourselves are in this show," said Glazer, "and a lot of this is fly by the seat of your pants, and it's real in that way and authentic in that way. It’s like, ' We have an hour to go on this block!

'" Glazer is used to being the boss on the set of the Comedy Central show she runs with friend and co-creator Abbi Jacobson.

Joining her were JT Lewis, brother of Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis; Jolene and Colin Verdehyou, who lost their mother in the San Bernardino shooting; the aunt of Cederrius Hastings, who was killed in an Atlanta drive-by shooting; Jamal, Justin, and Myreanna, who lost brother Jason Josaphat in Orlando; Patience Carter, a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting; and Alton Sterling's son, Cameron Sterling."Tonight we stand together with these teens united in a call for peace and an end to this violence," Alba said through tears.

"Now more than ever we need to stop, feel, and ask: What's going on?

It's a different kind of control that I also admire." With any actress Roundtable, the conversation turns to the inherent sexism within Hollywood, something Glazer herself is unfortunately no stranger to.

"We go through stuff and we're like, ' It's because we're women.' And it's also subtle sexism because we're young. "Recently this guy was calling us ladybugs, love-bugs.

She told it is difficult to relinquish control when working on sets that are not hers.

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But she has found the challenge of embodying another writer's character ultimately fulfilling.

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