Romola garai matthew goode dating

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Romola garai matthew goode dating

The idea would be to introduce the Flash on Arrow next season before sending him off into his very own series.Much as The CW did/is doing with The Vampire Diaries (The Originals) and Supernatural spinoffs.Latest News JMS Speaks New JMS Works This Week's News JMS Comic Books B5 Cast Activities Legend: Rangers Jeremiah Reviews Trading Back-Issues Links B5 Clubs Photo Shop Toons PACIFIC RIM Japan's Toho Studios are the folks who gave us our first atomic taste of mega monsters destroying Tokyo with 1954's Godzilla.The famed film production and distribution company went on to produce a killer slate of mutant creature features like Rodan, Destroy All Monsters, Mothra, and War of the Gargantuans.

Arrow’s a great show, and we’re expecting Berlanti and Kreisberg’s magic touch to spark Flash into life.

Deadline reports that the CW is now eyeing—make that fast-tracking—a Flash TV series, adding yet another DC male superhero to the roster, while we’re still waiting for Wonder Woman to make that long-overdue appearance.

(The CW had been developing an origins project, which sadly didn't go to pilot.) Apparently The CW is getting ready to discuss the new project at today’s TCA presentation.

It will not be the first time the speedy superhero in red tights has been brought to TV.

This trailer was created by You Tuber "honda brigit" to coincide with Pacific Rim's Japanese release on August 9th and to salute those kaiju-krazy years when Toho was truly king of the monster movies.

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THE FLASH Looks like the CW superhero landscape is about to get even more crowded.

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