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NET 2005, or create any other virtual directory and map the path to this directory to access it from the browser.

Could you provide please some code about it or adapt the code of your article? I am developing a web app in to simulate a desktop app I developed which needs for editable cells in gridviews where users need for increase/decrease the number of rows/columns, being them all editable. I have provided the fully functional source code, which is self-explanatory. Here I am going to explain how to provide all the features of Edit/Add/Delete/Update/Page/Sort of a Grid View, and not only one Grid View, but I am going to explain how to extend these features to even nested grids (Grid View inside Grid View).My previous article explains about the features of nested editable Data Grids.

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This article provides all those features in a Grid View (Visual Studio 2005, . With the combination of Grid View and Data Source controls, it's very easy to create an editable Grid View.