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From this (written) profile, you extract the most important highlights that you should always use during the moments you are browsing through Russian women's ads.

The best thing is to create short checklist with items that are important for you, to see such a checklist go to my example questionnaire. Don't make the same mistake as many others did before you, by only picking out the best-looking knock-outs you can find.

Some agencies that publish women's personals, just do this for her (to improve her chances) and she probably doesn't even know about it.

Some time ago I interviewed about 10 Russian women about this age-range subject and all women responded that their wish is a man of their own age or with a reasonable age difference.

For one thing you can be sure, it says nothing about her character.

So if you see a nice woman in a sexy, very short, skirt or dress, then keep in mind that this dress is probably not even from herself, but only borrowed and used to make a photo to impress you (and I bet she did impress you! For Russian women counts, it's much more important what is in the 'inside' than how the physical looks are, for men it's often the other way.

Before you start browsing through the women's personals, you first should have (written down) a very complete profile about the type of woman you are looking for, including the age range you are looking for.

They tell her she will have more change to be chosen first, then publishing a photo in just jeans and a T-shirt (as a matter of speaking).But not more than 10 or maximum 15 years, depending what her or your age is.Unless you are looking for a daughter instead of a wife.And don't be afraid, every Russian woman is beautiful, and you will be that too for her, but only if you show it to her.This guide will explain in general all the possible phases you will encounter during your process from 'finding a Russian woman' till 'marry a Russian woman' and everything that is in between.

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First describe a profile of the type of woman you are looking for, create a checklist with for you important items.

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