Ryeowook and kyuhyun dating

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In the same VCR, Kyuhyun has a ring on his fourth finger, left hand. [I was about to give up but heck, miracles to happen] - For Encore stage, they did U, Bonamana and Sorry Sorry (more like short medley version) with only KRY singing the lines and 5 other backup dancers. then Kyuhyun said something along the lines of you guys having fun and want more but we're all so tired already *wipes sweat* ahhaha [he did it in a jokingly matter PLEASE DONT OVER REACT] What else, IDEK, I'm so tired and hungry.

Requested By: Just about everyone that follows my tumblr.OTL Title: Just One More Author: chanyeolers Pairing: Baek Yeol Rating: MWarning: Character death.Title: Dear Dad Author: chanyeolers Pairing: Eun Hae Rating: GWord Count: 2,282Summary: Donghae’s written a letter for his late father on father’s day.Eunhyuk joins Donghae when he’s sending it off to his father.fanaccount by babymin @ please credt and do not add your own. Co-incidentally, Sungmin used to wear a ring on the fourth finger, left hand too. KRY takes over the missing members lines respectively and Kyuhyun took over Sungmin's lines in U (or was it sorry sorry LOL) The fanchant is totally amazing. I'll see what I missed out and update accordingly.

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thank you There is one more VCR with wet Kyuhyun somewhere which I think is before H. - Sungmin picked up a really huge flower (which I believe is a rose). There might be some mistake here and there but I try my best to correct it.

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