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In this exclusive interview, an intimate member of the Peterson family tells her story to NBC’s Matt Lauer. And I think that's why I ended up getting so much information.

Matt Lauer: During that time, Anne, that Scott is living in your house, did you ever pull up a chair next to him and say, "Scott, what do you think happened to Laci? Her name is Anne Bird — a name you probably don't know. Because a face that resembles Anne's has peered out of tabloid covers TV screens and mug shots for the past two years. This sister came to believe not only that her long-lost brother Scott was a killer. But to understand the whole story you have to go back to the beginning, long before Anne Bird had ever heard of Scott Peterson or had any idea they were related.

She says she had some mild curiosity about who her birth parents might be, but she never followed up on it. And Anne Bird met the mother she'd never seen before — a woman named Jackie Peterson.

Almost before Anne knew it, don arranged a meeting at a beachfront hotel in nearby La Jolla.

This is the first time that Anne Bird has spoken publicly about her brother.

Bird: Scott is charismatic, charming, courteous, polite.

She grew up as Anne Grady, the daughter of a well-to-do couple in San Diego.

But then, one summer day in 1997, when she was 32 years old: Lauer: This guy Don calls on the phone one day out of the blue and he says, "Guess what, I'm your brother? Bird: I really wasn't nervous until she opened the door.

When you're talking to him, he looks directly at you.

Lauer: At what stage in your childhood, Anne, did you find out that you'd been adopted? But Anne says her adoptive parents were so loving, her home life so comfortable, being adopted didn't much matter to her.

You see, Anne Bird is the sister of a notorious murderer — Scott Peterson.

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Scott so trusted Anne, he even lived in her home during the most intense weeks of the search for his wife, Laci, even as he was emerging as a suspect. Bird's story is about separation, reunion, deep love and loyalty, and finally, the worst realization one family member can have about another, because Bird saw a side of Scott Peterson that no one else has seen.

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