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Did you know that your tone of voice can betray your inner nervousness? When you approach a pretty girl, just imagine you’re talking with your best friend.This will help to keep your tone of voice steady and neutral. Talking with girls is a social skill that every man needs to learn.If you’ve had trouble speaking with girls in the past or are have been too shy to approach them at all, keep reading for helpful tips that will have you on your way to your next date.. And what you say really depends on where you are (at the beach, in a night club, at the gym, etc.). If you’ve noticed a woman with beautiful eyes (who obviously isn’t wearing colored contacts), you could say something along the lines of, “.”Don’t overthink the situation.Before you approach a girl, take a minute to relax. Take off your sunglasses, even if you’re at the beach.

Annoying a girl is a good way to start a conversation (before you stop reading, hear me out! Asking a tame question about her favorite movie, book, or celebrity and then laughing to yourself a little bit at her response actually works to engage her.

You don’t have to plan out every word before you say it.

Just decide on an opening line and let the conversation flow naturally from there.

Hopefully your initial question will lead to an interesting conversation and you’ll learn a little about the real her.

Once you’ve made it through the first 30 seconds, you’re on your way to a conversation. If you ask the right questions, you’ll hardly have to talk during the conversation. In order to help prepare yourself, find out what type of flirt you are by clicking here.

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However, it’s very important to listen to what she says (and not just act like you’re listening). Click here to read about a study that shows less than 20% of girls recognize flirting. If you’re lying or not really interested in what you’re asking, the girl will notice and immediately dislike you. If you’re interested in a girl and she’s with a group, don’t be afraid to let it be known which girl you’re interested in.

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