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The 50-year-old left his brunette co-star stunned when he dropped "the s-word" live on air while millions of viewers were still eating their breakfast.Piers and Susanna were discussing Kanye West and Taylor Swift's phone call again today, when the former Britain's Got Talent judge brought up a line from the rapper's latest single Famous.During the track, Kanye says: "Taylor and I may still have sex," which Piers relayed to the public, much to the dismay of the mother-of-three.Richard Arnold swiftly chipped in to defend Susanna: "We prefer snap, crackle and pop at this time in the morning."Bewildered by their remarks, Piers hit back: "Are there any words that we can use at this time in the morning? If you don't trust his answer, stick a fork in it; your relationship is done.It doesn't matter if he was chatting with her or not."Thankfully, he soon rephrased his comment and explained: "So they were going to have a little chat about the birds and the bees.""It's not the adults who will be offended, it's the children," Susanna sighed.

I wrote a column saying that you were the one shining beacon in this industry.If there's no trust in the relationship, it's over.The Delaware State Bureau of Identification (SBI) is the central repository for criminal history information in the State of Delaware.The Professional Licensing Section also reviews applications for and issuance of HR 218 permit to carry cards for retired Delaware Troopers.SBI houses several functions under one roof, including providing certified criminal history information to the public, maintaining Delaware's sex offender registry, quality control of crime reports,fingerprint examination and facial biometric identification.

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The Professional Licensing Section regulates private investigative and security agencies, alarm companies, constables, bail enforcement agents, pawn brokers, second hand dealers and scrap metal processors.

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