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Donovan Jackson's cowardly hand cuffed beating at the hands of the Inglewood CA. Special Operations Section, Alva Mae Groves , Brian Sterner, Sheriff Mike Burgess, Arthur Tesler, Philadelphia act II, Walter Golembiowski & Inspector John Ajello,federal judge Alex Kozinski, Sheriff Michael A.

PD, Nicholas Bellusci, Nathaniel Jones, Lewis King, Kenneth Walker, Michael Newby, Timothy Stansbury Jr., Monty Clay, Brian Armstrong, Patrick Hutchinson, Beryl and Dina Dagy, Jimmie Fisher, Dolly Kelton, Curtis Gibson, Stanley Miller, Monty Clay, Wake County N. Police Department, Victoria Snelgrove, Jodie Chambers, Jeremy Sommers & Michael Weaver, Luis Padilla, Diana Dietrich-Barnes, Unidentified 6-year-old boy, John Wayne Walker, Leon Nins, Gabriel Gandara, Douglas Greer, Bassim Chmait, Mark Lilly, Amel Santos, Kenneth Trentadue, Frank Lyga, David Mack, Brian Hewitt, LAPD rampart scandals timeline, Jonathan Magbie, New Orleans cops as looters, Harry Davis, New Orleans Officers Taped Beating Man and accusations of apparent police looting, wheelchair-bound man, Prema Graham, Police Chief Corey Pittman, Matthew Durham, Officer Tom Coleman(Undercover Deputy), Mark Lilly, Elio Carrion, Joseph Evans, Officer Ruben Palomares, Glen Curry, Henry County Sheriff Harold Franklin Cassell, William Cardenas (victim) - L. Jackson, Michael Mineo, Oscar Grant, NYPD pocketing cash during raid, Judges in Pa.

So we have a (pending) police state and no way to vote it out.

We are all aware of US law enforcement and associated wheels of justice’s unremitting cry ‘protect and serve’.

US political parties in practice limit voter’s choice to the evil of two lesser(s).

Citizen’s vote is failing against the corporate dollar another uncomfortable fact.

In practice protect and serve applies more to government and their agents, less to the population at large. To log/witness US history replete with police & prosecutor brutality – criminal misconduct & abuse of authority we are all cognizant of: Kent State, Jackson State, Philadelphia satchel charges, William J.

Whitfield, Wounded Knee, Verdell Grant, Patrick Dorismond, Archie Elliott, Ruby ridge, Waco, Amadou Diallo, Rodney King, Nathaniel Levi Gaines.

To that end I journal (albeit not kept that regularly) off the air/internet news events viewed as, abuses, many under color of authority.

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