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Sex live chat pay amex

They’re relying on an old adage about customer service: Despite technological advances, a real person, whose smiling face a customer can see, always wins.“Usually, there’s not a lot of opportunity for a teller to have much relationship-building with that customer – it’s really money in and money out,” said Janet Du Haime, chief operating officer for Visterra.Veronica Vallejos talks to Regina as she makes a loan payment while using the drive-thru at Visterra Credit Union in Moreno Valley, Calif., where customers can video chat with a live teller – not a robot – to conduct their banking business.

Companies such as American Express, Hertz, Activision Blizzard, E-Trade, Bank of America and Target are rolling out one-click access to help via video chat.“It’s just nice to have that face-to-face, not just hear their voice,” she said.The credit union has ATMs in its drive-through that allow customers to video chat with a teller.At a time when automated voices such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana respond to questions, customers often think Regina is just another video robot.“If the interactive teller machine’s doing that, the teller has an opportunity to talk to the customer to build and nourish a relationship.” After finishing with Regina, Vallejos expressed excitement about regular video chats.

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She said she felt safer at the ATM knowing someone could see her.

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