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They maintain they only approached Scott after seeing him with a gun.

While police say they have footage from only one body camera, there were at least five police officers on the scene when one of the officers shot Scott. Charlotte police began to use body cameras a year ago, and in the first eight month only one out of four fatal shootings were caught on body camera.

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Sexy Ranea Crabtree got her new name in court yesterday, during the briefest of hearings before Licking County Probate Judge Robert Hoover.

Police are seen on camera placing handcuffs on Scott after shooting him.

Police also say Scott first drew their attention because he had marijuana in his car—they do not explain how they knew that, and it appears to be the first time police claim to have known Scott was in possession of marijuana before engaging him.

And then Hoover asked whether her teenage daughters and her husband, the latter of whom joined her in court, approved of the change.

Police in Charlotte have released footage from a body camera and a dashcam of the police shooting of Keith Scott last Tuesday.

The footage does not appear to strengthen the police's "version of the truth," as the police chief previously claimed.

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A gun cannot be seen in Scott's hand, let alone being brandished or pointed at police. "He absolutely was in possession of a handgun," the police chief said at a press conference prior to releasing the video.

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