Simdating games powered by vbulletin

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Simdating games powered by vbulletin

(I know, it's not much, but I'd love to see the idea come to life! The only change I would make is to give a nod to trans* & non-binary people in some fashion.

To get away, they move to the large Vitamin City and manage to find an apartment in the Canis district - notoriously one of the worst parts of town.I have an idea for a dating sim - one that involves eight different love interests each with a unique story path.Now, it isn't necessarily completely gay, there are four male interests and four female interests, and the main character can be switched between male and female (both are just different versions of each other)." or something like that which would make you meet characters and change the story.Even though it's one of the worst parts of town, will they meet people there that make it bearable... But there are dangers, and even the one they love can be a dangerous person. I have more detailed ideas, such as characters and character plots. I don't have a way to draw for the game (I don't have a tablet or anything of that nature), so if you can draw, that would be good.

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I've never used Ren'Py, but I do know Python, so picking it up should be pretty easy. But in a way, the main character is a nod to all genders - the gender of the character is interchangeable and changes nothing about who the character is and how they relate to others (all it does is change pronouns).

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