Sites like chat sverige

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Sites like chat sverige

But old-school hate is having a sort of renaissance online, and in the countries thought to be furthest beyond it.The anonymity provided by the Internet fosters communities where people can feed on each other’s hate without consequence.One afternoon this fall, the Swedish journalist Robert Aschberg sat on a patio outside a drab apartment building in a suburb of Stockholm, face to face with an Internet troll, trying to answer this question.The troll turned out to be a quiet, skinny man in his 30s, wearing a hoodie and a dirty baseball cap—a sorry foil to Aschberg’s smart suit jacket, gleaming bald head, and TV-trained baritone.

In a sign of the issue’s resonance in Sweden, a pithy neologism has been coined to encompass all these forms of online nastiness: It is generally no longer acceptable in public life to hurl slurs at women or minorities, to rally around the idea that some humans are inherently worth less than others, or to terrorize vulnerable people.We’ve come up with the menacing term “troll” for someone who spreads hate and does other horrible things anonymously on the Internet.Internet trolls are unsettling not just because of the things they say but for the mystery they represent: what kind of person could be so vile?They can easily form into mobs and terrify victims.Individual trolls can hide behind dozens of screen names to multiply their effect.

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And attempts to curb online hate must always contend with the long-standing ideals that imagine the Internet’s main purpose as offering unfettered space for free speech and marginalized ideas.