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Skype 24 7 cams

You can make use of your old smartphones and tablets in many ways.

We will show you three methods, using which, you can convert them into a security camera and use them to keep an eye on your home, office or garage from a distant location.

Make sure your wireless network or 2G/3G service is available in the area you are going to place the camera.

All you need is a working device, the utility app, the device’s charger and a wireless Internet, or 3G service, if necessary.

We bet most of you would be having a wireless router at home or office and connected to the internet for sure.

If not, then you could use the SIM card and get an Internet connection via 2G or 3G from your telecom service provider if the device has the option.

Option 1: Download and install the app ‘Free Internet Cam (Web of Cam)’ from here. The first time you launch the app, you will be asked to enter your Google account details—this app works with your Google account.

The app will operate in the background and keep streaming the video feed.

We bet there will be many of you who have an old smartphone or tablet that is lying almost useless simply because either it under performs, is outdated hardware or there are no more updates available for it.Some might even have devices with a partially damaged display screen or few other minor issues such as the low battery, scratched display, tarnished body etc.The resale value of these phones is simply too low to even be sold off and hence they get left in the closet.Why not bring them out and breathe some new life into these devices?The app is available for Android, IOS and Symbian devices for now with Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS support to be available soon. Give in the user name and password and proceed to the next screen. Once done, the app will start up the rear camera on the display and wait for a viewer device or client to connect.

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Here you decide what you want the Android device to act as. You have a choice here to keep the phone’s display kept on, blank out the screen by tapping the button on the bottom or simply put the device on standby mode.

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