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Southcoastdating com

A million, two-year grant funded by Measure A, a county sales tax that passed in November 2012, will finance the clinic in its initial phase.

In contrast to San Mateo County’s urban residents, locals here very often lack even the means of transportation to get to a physician in San Mateo or Redwood City, let alone time to make it to follow up appointments or pick up medications.

Some people work in fields or plant nurseries from dawn to dusk.

Others already suffer from chronic health problems or are on public assistance, and don’t have the wherewithal to help themselves.

The clinic will begin serving all these populations starting in 2014.

The South Coast will no longer be a “doctor-free” zone thanks to a milestone initiative to bring wraparound primary health care services to the area: a mobile health care van dedicated to serving those who need it most.

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The mobile clinic, a co-initiative of Puente and San Mateo County Health System, will serve roughly 3,000 adults in Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar and San Gregorio who have literally been without access to primary care since 2009.

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