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I did that once and while nothing bad happened, I got a seriously off vibe from this dude once I was shut up in his car. Folks over thirty or forty might prefer Inter Nations since it seems to attract an older crowd, both expat and Mexican.I can totally see this working if you guys are the same age.

I know you are quite a bit younger, and married, but having lived in and written about Mexico for awhile, I thought I’d inquire about any insights/suggestions you may have." Just like at home, work or school is a great place to meet people.

If you're coming to DF for a job, chances are even if there's no one datable at your job, your new coworkers will know good people.

So even if you have daddy (or mommy) issues, please just don't go there. When I first got to DF, I met tons of guys through Couchsurfing who had drinks with me and showed me the city.

None of them were specifically dates, which was nice because I got to know them as friends first.

Probably not a great idea if the age gap is wide--and there's a lot of 20-something teachers and 40-something students.

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You're probably going to be seen less as a serious dating prospect and more as a fun play toy to be picked up and then tossed aside.