Speed dating rio de janeiro brazil

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Speed dating rio de janeiro brazil

Lately, we have observed a number of beauty contests being promoted all around the country: Miss Brazil, Top Beach Girl, Goddess of Samba, Carnival Muses and most recently, the newest popular fever, the National Soccer Muse which happened in Rio-de-Janeiro. Since 2007, a famous sports channel decided to take profit of this “new wave” and promote a new beauty contest involving the soccer enthusiasts and supporters all throughout the Internet. Good luck Shayene in 2009 and congratulations for your samba roots!The objective was to select the most beautiful muse of each of the Brazil´s major league Top 20 teams. Please see below some of Shayene Cesario´s photos in carnival shoots!Needless to say it was a tremendous success, with huge media appearance and public involvement. Finally above, the carnival muse deserves a beer... TV show host, comedian and artist Sabrina Sato is another marvelous beauty present in the Brazilian Carnival.Last estimates show more than 10.000 goddess of soccer enrolled themselves in the contest, which had three phases. Since she was a kid, Sabrina loved to watch carnival samba parades and would join carnival balls for kids.

During the first phase, the organizers selected through the Internet, three muses per each major soccer team in Brazil. Weight: A: 51kg Height: A: 1.68 m Hip: A: 90cm Bust: A: 90cm Workout? Later, Sabrina became a professional dancer so her transition for Samba dancing was a natural move.At the second phase, one muse per team was selected, also through a disputed poll through the Internet and mobile phones messages. Sabrina Sato Brazilian mode L was always attached to Gavioes da Fiel Samba School in São Paulo, where she paraded as Carnival Muse in 2008.In Brazil, the Carnival festivity, soccer championships and pageant contests (like in California) are definitely some of the top current popular expressions. Finally, after Rio´s Carnival was over, some Brazilian press news agencies have speculated the Brazilian brunette is almost concluding a deal with a famous men´s magazine, for a sensual editorial.But have you have ever imagined when any one of two of these country passions goes together? I am sure Shayene Cesario will be one of Brazil´s 2009 next celebrity for everything she represents: her simple ways, her friendly smile, her colorful ethnic background and spontaneous personality.Brazil is a continental country, full of cultural differences. Shayene Cesário has nearly perfect measures: 5.74 feet (1, 75 m ) and 143 pounds ( 65 kg) in a proportional waist line.

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But just like in the United States, where basketball, country-music, and fast-food seem to be omnipresent across all regions, we too have several national passions and identities. Apart from parading in Rio´s Sambadrome, Shayene also paraded in São Paulo, where she enjoyed great success.

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