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Teachers using dating sites

In education, even a low-ranking beta male can be considered the “alpha” simply because he has no rivals.

Women are naturally competitive with each other, and because a male teacher is such a rare commodity, female teachers who would not otherwise be attracted to him find themselves competing for his affections.

Maybe it is because their jobs have become more stressful, but a lot of teachers are big drinkers.

They really love going to happy hour where they can drink to relax while they complain about their jobs or hook up with that “alpha” male teacher.

She ends up marrying the man she cheated with, only to later cheat on him with yet another teacher.

I think the reason for the widespread cheating is that there are a lot fewer men in education than there are women, especially in the lower grades.

But thanks to a combination of government interference and changes in the wider culture, this one-time bastion for traditionally-minded women has fallen. I used to date a teacher so I got to attend lots of parties with her coworkers.

What surprised me was the number of teachers who had been married two or three times. A female teacher gets married, but then cheats on her husband with a male teacher.

Teachers got the summers off so that a woman who was a teacher could still take care of her children when they were out of school.

Dating a girl who was a teacher used to be a good bet for a man.

Her job didn’t require long hours in the office and teachers didn’t have to go on business travel, which always opens the door for cheating.

Or they just go home and finish off a bottle of wine every night.

Teaching was also an alternative to the cutthroat corporate world where a woman could have a meaningful job but still remain feminine.

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The archetype of the wholesome young teacher dominated the American consciousness for decades.

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