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Tips for dating an italian man

When a mutual acquaintance introduces two people, they usually give each other a Hollywood-style fake kiss on both cheeks.

The man offers to shake hands and the woman decides if she wants to do the kiss thing – he follows her lead.

If they think you are out of their league, they will leave you in peace. Italians are generally very tactile, but men don’t touch women unless they get signals that it is wanted.

If you are feeling intimidated and want a man to go away, say “Mi lasci in pace? Your instant reaction to any uninvited touching should be to slap the man’s hand off you the same way you would slap a mosquito.

If the level of pestering that you get from Italian men is ruining your holiday, you need to ditch your shorts and backpack and put on a mini skirt, all the make-up that gravity permits and a pair of wedge heels that look like the plinth of a marble statue.

Sometimes men actually make their lips touch your cheek, which means they fancy you.If you have already been flirting then you asked for it.Italian men will do things that overstep “boundaries” in your culture. They will chat you up in the street, in the middle of the day.I’ve been followed the entire length of a road by boys offering ice-cream, asking if I had a boyfriend, and congratulating me on having “two beautifuls blue eyes.” In Italian culture it is fine to do this by day, as it is not considered intimidating.As soon as the sun goes down, the same behaviour is regarded as sleazy and desperate.

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