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They have taken great pride to keep the natural jungle setting and the flora and fauna that goes with it.

Nice to see that modern technology can live in harmony with the environment at this resort.

What are the differences between the different sections of the resort?

The Grand Palladium Resort has done a fantastic job in incorporating this resort complex into the existing lovely natural setting.

The following is a direct quote from Felipe ( Operations and Product Director – Vacational Americas): We don’t accept spring breakers but that means we do not admit groups of young people without their parents of other “responsible” relatives.

Of course this is a family resort and during spring time many of them will come with their teen sons or with sons that are studying in the college.

They take great pride in this and will let the natural environment heal and rebuild itself after any storm damage. Renova Spa, which offers a wide variety of free facilities as well as spa services.

It is such a pleasure to be able to hear the birds singing and seeing all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitat while vacationing in Paradise. There is so much to see and do at the resort itself, that you don’t even feel like you are missing out on anything if you don’t leave the grounds. Connect with the resort Recommend set to enfriamiento and auto and 22c for 74F (use up and down arrows) and press set Where can I find some useful Spanish phrases?

Yes, but please read this Does the resort offer a Catholic Mass?

Yes, Catholic Mass takes place in the church, La Iglesia De Nuestra Senora De Las Nieves located next to the Colonial lobby Saturday and Sunday at 5pm Does the resort accept spring breakers?

This is why you can see many young people during that time.

As you probably know there are hotels in Cancun that work a lot with this market but it is not the point the Riviera Maya and we totally agree with this.

This resort complex is also close to a variety of excursions for everyone’s tastes. See first hand why we all love to refer to the Grand Palladium Resort as our Home Away From Home. You have access to everything in the whole complex (Riviera, White Sands, Colonial and Kantenah section), this include buffet and a-la-carte restaurants, bars, pools, etc The only thing you do not have access to is the Royal Suite area (which include the EL Jardin restaurant, Royal beach area on the Kantenah beach). Five buffets | Nine ulimited a la cartes | 26 bars | Two theaters | State of the art Spa | state-of-the-art spa and gym | discothéque | sports bar | athletic field | tennis courts | minature golf | 10 pools(waterpark) | teen center/kids club | water sports | shops | Free Wi Fi in all lobbies | Internet | Can I book directly with the Palladium? You can book on their Palladium Hotel Group Website but you may find lower rates using a travel agent or on-line reseller. Right here I would like to get married at the resort, whom do I contact ?

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Any area that you chose, you will be very happy with, and you get to explore and use all sections of the resort. And if you get “walked out”, there is always the train or the golf carts to give you a ride. Great ecological paths throughout the whole resort. Palladium offers Best Price Guarantee What Credit Cards are accepted? Have a look at our Wedding page Can I use walkie talkies in Mexico?

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