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One thing I really like about CBIT is that Lucas is learning how to handle tics, so if new ones come up, he’ll be able to manage them on his own.“ “I wish pediatricians and teachers knew more about TS.

Behavioral therapy teaches a person to become aware of their behavior and helps them change what they do in a very careful and systematic way.

“It was a huge blessing and we saw immediate improvement.

Two days after Lucas started CBIT the first tic was gone. Now, at 15, he is basically tic-free for the first time since third grade.If we had known about CBIT 4 years ago, it would have made the past 4 years so much better.Fortunately we had a friend in the TS community that recommended we go to a TSA family education program.In January, we attended the program and learned about a new way to treat TS –it was CBIT.” CBIT is a type of behavioral therapy that was developed for people with tics.Therefore, if you cannot access you will not be able to access any site that is categorized as "Adult Content: Nudity" in the Forcepoint Master Database.

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”We first noticed that Lucas had tics in third grade.

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