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Posted by / 14-Sep-2016 05:28

The speed at which the LED grip flashes, is speed at which rapid fire enabled buttons will be activated.: Using the Customizer software will allow you to update the Turbo Fire 2 controller to the latest firmware.When the security settings are set high, running some programs on Windows 7 may cause communication problems between the software, the controller, and our servers.Give the Customizer Software the Proper Rights: : Each time rapid fire is increased or decreased, you can easily see the speed setting by looking at the LED grip.Also, if your turbo fire (rapid fire) speed can be switched between fast, medium and slow by repeatedly pressing the Turbo Mode function button, you’re most likely using firmware v1.53 or lower…please update the firmware to utilize all of the new features.

We highly recommend updating to the latest firmware to ensure the best experience possible.

: Don’t worry, your controller is not broken or defective.

: Connect your Turbo Fire 2 Wireless controller to your PC using the USB cable and open the Customizer software.

Once the controller is detected by the software, look for “Connected Device” the top of the Customizer software.

: If you are experiencing problems after updated to Xbox 360 dashboard version 2.0.15574, please use the Customizer software to update your Turbo Fire 2 controller.

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The latest firmware version should resolve this issue.