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Once you perform all the above steps and deploy the WSPs to test environment you need to check each functionality of your solution. latest update for VS 2012, Update 4 is present here microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?

What breaks or works depends on the functionality in the solution. id=39305 Also you can install office dveloper tool for VS 2012 using Web Platform Installer microsoft.com/web/downloads/

We have a Share Point 2010 project solution which we are trying to uprgade to Share Point 2013.

This includes webparts, application pages, user controls, masterpage, etc. is the procedure we follow, please add to it/comment if we have missed out anything:- You have got most of the things covered even though steps 2, 3 and 5 need not be manual.

Through triggers, an asynchronous postback can be started also by controls that are declared outside the region of the ASP. In the following code, only the content of the Update control (the span element that displays the current date and time) is re-rendered every time the button is clicked. NET AJAX framework brings JSONserialization features to the ASP.

NET web-services and allows calling web-services from client-side Java Script, even using third-party Java Script-libraries like j Query.

If you have latest version of Visual Studio 2012 / 2013 and Microsoft Office developer tools installed, the project will be automatically upgraded.

Through a mechanism called asynchronous postback, the HTML for the region of the page wrapped by the control is sent by the server asynchronously through an Ajax request. NET controls that have been specified as content in an Update Panel are able to cause either synchronous (traditional) or asynchronous postbacks, by means of triggers. NET control that causes an Update Panel to refresh its contents.

NET AJAX Control Toolkit 2016-09-20 | INFO | VSIX id: e79bade7-6755-466f-9788-3d8243bdcc5f 2016-09-20 | INFO | VSIX version: 2016-09-20 | INFO | App.

Application_Startup | Process Info 2016-09-20 | INFO | OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 2016-09-20 | INFO | Is 64bit: True 2016-09-20 | INFO | Is admin: True 2016-09-20 | INFO | Environment Info.

Vs Is Installed | Visual Studio 2010 PROCore detected 2016-09-20 | INFO | Vs Utility.

16.1.1 I am trying to use 16.1.1 Download and run Ajax Control Toolkit. Application_Startup | Installer started 2016-09-20 | INFO | VSIX name: ASP.

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No Applicable SKUs Exception) 2016-09-20 | INFO | App.

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