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Updating emule server

In other cases, is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! I thus had two processes named running at once--the legitimate one in System32, and the bogus one, that I discovered using Security Task Manager.

The bogus one was 5.5 MB whereas the legit one is less than 1 MB. When windows starts, I get a message saying that systask32 isn't functioning. I am pretty sure the viral one is the one in capitals, but I'm not sure. See also: Link Inuyasha Can cause computer to freeze for a second or two or totally bogg down.

This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem (with Win32being the kernel-mode portion).

Csrss stands for client/server run-time subsystem and is an essential subsystem that must be running at all times.

Run Malware Bytes to remove persistent malware This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem; Win32is the kernel-mode portion.

Run Security Task Manager to check your csrss process 2.

Csrss is responsible for console windows, creating and and/or deleting threads, and some parts of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment.

The which is from Microsoft is located in the c:\windows\System32 folder.

Ben in Pennsylvania, USA I opened my windows task manager and saw that I had TWO files. Rich04 This is a Windows system file, but a lot of viruses will also use this name because the Win XP task manager won't let you close it. Work notebook has this on it using zero % cpu - home notebook does too but after installing Panda Internet Security - home notebook's cpu usage went to 20% causing notebook mouse to "stick" for a second every few seconds. Herman Officially a system file - If you have 2 of this file... be careful if deleting manually as the real one is an important file needed on your pc...

It is suggested you use an up-to-date antivirus software to find and remove the infected file A Techy This file is actually a Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem ...

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It has been noted that one virus had been found that runs as csrss to hide from you.

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