Updating garmin nuvi

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Updating garmin nuvi

The Nuvi looks slimmer than it actually is thanks to tapered edges that visually shrink the device's profile and make it easier to slip in and out of a pocket.Strategically placed black panels on the top and bottom edges also aid in visually slimming and classing-up the silvery metallic device.Tapping the power button suspends the Nuvi, shutting down its screen.Tapping it again causes the device to instantly reawaken.Along the bottom edge of the Nuvi 3597LM is a small slot where a micro SD card can be inserted to increase storage for downloadable maps and updates.On the back panel is the Nuvi's single physical control: a power button.After years of reviewing PND after PND, it's hard to get excited about a GPS device's physical form.

The 800 by 480 pixel resolution isn't as hypersharp as today's Retina-class smartphone displays, but its brightness and clarity are better than on nearly every other portable navigation device that I've ever tested.Being capacitive, the glass can register swipes and pinches as well as taps, and the Nuvi's interface takes advantage of these new input types.However, at its thickest point, the 3597LM is about as thick as the rest of this class of portable navigation devices.The hardware On the face of the Nuvi 3597LM, behind a capacitive glass panel, shines a crisp 5-inch TFT screen that is gorgeous.Just to the right of the screen, you'll find a pinhole cut into the glass bezel for the Nuvi's microphone.

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The Nuvi features an internal accelerometer of some sort and its display can rotate between portrait and landscape orientation for the maps and menus.

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