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Updating white kitchen cabinets

Love it or hate it, you have to admit there’s something energizing about a kitchen that’s saturated with color.It seems that only ten years ago, cabinetry options were limited to a wide variety of wood tones and maybe some white.Color in the kitchen wasn’t for cabinetry, it was for linens or serving ware or walls.

Fair warning though, this post will be picture heavy but it deserves it. And please know that having your kitchen cabinets painted by a professional is not just going to cost you a couple hundred bucks or something. It would have been a shame if my new paint job already got chipped or something from people slamming the doors shut. Any other questions feel free to leave in comments!

Such a crazy difference I can’t believe it when I look at the old pictures. For you locals (Houston and surrounding cities), I hired Wood Finisher Pro & Repair, Inc, and the painter is Adel. And I will get more into the paint and the process of how he painted them in a different post don’t worry.

I guess it’s been about 4 years now that I’ve wanted to do this, so to be able to write to you all that it’s done, just blows me away. And don’t forget our entire breakfast room is windows and I just haven’t figured out the trick to photographing windows yet. I am even going to do a separate post on painting the cabinets because they deserve their own. Some things are just better left to cabinet painting pros who have done this many many times and for several years. Me telling him all of my home blogger girlfriends use this and that really didn’t do much for him! Special thanks to Sherwin Williams because they did provide the paint for this project so thank you!! Again, here’s another brief rundown (click the links to view the posts and info): I think that’s about it.

We have our dreamy new white kitchen and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. I will add sources for everything on the bottom of this post. Again for reference on the entire kitchen makeover process: Now with that last statement about not having to DIY everything, it’s true. He really did a fantastic job and is quite the perfectionist like I am. We sort of butted heads on which paint to use, but ultimately I let him win because he is the professional and I know this is what he likes. Again I’ll get into all of that in a different post but I must say that it did leave the most beautiful finish ever on our cabinets. It really is such a joy and I can’t believe I have a white kitchen now!!

Today,we’re embracing color everywhere…even on our kitchen cabinetry.

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It started slow, with a few of us trying edgier neutrals, like black or gray, on our cupboards or maybe an accent island.