Updating xbox 360 without xbox live

Posted by / 28-Aug-2016 21:14

Microsoft knows that something is wrong with its online network, and it’s working on it.

Xbox Live is down for many on the Xbox 360 console, according to an update on Microsoft’s support website.

Without access to Xbox Live, many games are unplayable.

While this is affecting Xbox 360, Microsoft has not said anything about any problems with Xbox One.

We ran some tests, and Xbox Live was running fine for us on the Xbox One.

Game updates should be downloaded and installed automatically for disk based games, without having to have the disk in the system.

Rather than updates being stuck in queue, until the disk is inserted into the system.

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[Mod Edit: This idea was merged with a similar idea posted by Best49erfan. ]Please make it where u can update a game without inserting the disc by pressing the old start button to pull up the menu on the selected game and have it say check for update and click on it and if there's an update out it will ask u to install update to the game and then click accept or close.ps4 does it and it is so much simpler. Please allow to auto update games without having to insert Disk if game is installed from Disk.

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