Updating your video card driver why is clonidine sedating

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Updating your video card driver

A little like mobile operators do with smartphones, they lock them down so you can't fit different components such as a graphics card (or a SIM from another provider in the case of a phone).

So, be sure to ask your PC manufacturer whether your intended graphics card is supported.

If you’ve ever wanted to play games on your PC, but found that it struggled with the demands of animating large battlefields or the rapid 3D rendering of driving games, there’s a solution that’s cheaper than buying a dedicated rig or one of the next- generation consoles.

With much of the processing that games require now being handled by the graphics card, fitting one to your PC can have a potent effect on its gaming potential.

Head to Control Panel, ‘Uninstall a program’, then find and uninstall your drivers.

You can also ‘uninstall’ the Display adapters hardware in Device Manager. Before you begin the installation you should ground yourself to discharge any static electricity.

Remember that if you want a more powerful card than your power supply allows you can always replace the PSU with a beefier unit. Once your card has arrived, uninstall the existing drivers on your PC to avoid any conflicts.

Here we explain to upgrade your graphics card for less than £150.

Just be sure to first check that your motherboard has an available PCI Express slot, the case has enough room to fit a card, and your power supply that can handle the extra strain.

Warning: Even if a graphics card will physically fit and your power supply has enough power (and the right connectors), it may not work.

Certain PC vendors including Dell, HP and Acer use custom-designed motherboards.

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To do this you simply touch a nearby radiator or a metal part of the case while it’s still plugged in.

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