Validating through firewall

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Validating through firewall

The only exception is the volume license customers who may choose to receive the pre-validated software that does not require validation by the end users, for an additional fee.: The license needs to be validated every time you are entering your license key into the program.For example, if the license that you have purchased indicates that it is for use on up to 2 computers, then you may use the same license key to install the software and validate the license on up to 2 computers.If an attempt is made to install the software on a 3rd computer, the license validation will fail the third time.

It takes approximately 30 seconds (or slightly longer if your computer is on the slow side).: Yes, each license must be validated every time it is entered into the software.: License validation is a procedure of verifying that the software license is valid and being used in accordance with the End User License Agreement.The validation must be done each time you are entering your license information into the program.: There is no limit on how many times you can reinstall the software on the same computer: you can do that any time you want.

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However, the computer must be the same for the license to be validated successfully each time.