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Of course, you will need to properly address all security layers mentioned above, together with managerial factors that encompass every layer.Spring Security provides a comprehensive security solution for J2EE-based enterprise software applications.As you will discover as you venture through this reference guide, we have tried to provide you a useful and highly configurable security system.Security is an ever-moving target, and it's important to pursue a comprehensive, system-wide approach.In security circles we encourage you to adopt "layers of security", so that each layer tries to be as secure as possible in its own right, with successive layers providing additional security.Moving to the higher layers, your Java Virtual Machine will hopefully be configured to minimize the permissions granted to different Java types, and then your application will add its own problem domain-specific security configuration.Spring Security makes this latter area - application security - much easier.Next you'll generally utilise firewalls, perhaps with VPNs or IP security to ensure only authorised systems can attempt to connect.

Your operating system will also play a critical part, addressing issues such as running processes as non-privileged users and maximising file system security.

An operating system will usually also be configured with its own firewall.

Hopefully somewhere along the way you'll be trying to prevent denial of service and brute force attacks against the system.

An intrusion detection system will also be especially useful for monitoring and responding to attacks, with such systems able to take protective action such as blocking offending TCP/IP addresses in real-time.

The "tighter" the security of each layer, the more robust and safe your application will be.

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At the bottom level you'll need to deal with issues such as transport security and system identification, in order to mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks.

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