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Ware online dating software

Yours may be one of them and you may not even know it.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDo S) attack — or DDo S attack — is when a malicious user gets a network of zombie computers to sabotage a specific website or server.

The flood of incoming messages to the target system essentially forces it to shut down, thereby denying access to legitimate users.

The attack happens when the malicious user tells all the zombie computers to contact a specific website or server over and over again.

That increase in the volume of traffic overloads the website or server causing it to be slow for legitimate users, sometimes to the point that the website or server shuts down completely.

The server can only process a certain number of requests at once.If an attacker overloads the server with requests, it can't process yours.The most common and obvious type of DDo S attack occurs when an attacker “floods” a network with useless information.When you type a URL into your browser, you are sending a request to that site's computer server to view the page.If you've never heard of a botnet, it's likely because they go largely undetected.

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A collection of software robots, or 'bots', that creates an army of infected computers (known as ‘zombies') that are remotely controlled by the originator.

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