White girls dating filipino guys Petsex cam

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White girls dating filipino guys

Many of these Filipino men who live in the West still can’t change this traditional thing. They should have these standards in life, decision making, ideas sharing, career choices etc.

Most of them do not like to date Filipino men who live in the West.They just want to find a white husband who can give them the equal social and economic life that they never find that in the Philippines.Most of Filipinas who live in Pampanga and Ermita want to marry with foreigners because of social economic status.That’s one of the reasons Filipina girls dream to get married with such a beautiful white guy. Compared with a Filipino guy and a white guy, oh man, a white guy is like a “Boss” and a Filipino guy is like a “Worker”. Also, white men have been born and raised in a great countries on the planet so they are very nice to treat women, especially in terms of speech, communication, ideas sharing so on. They have been raised in a culture where women are subservient. So, decisions are usually made by the men of the family.Another reason is about the traits for these white men. They always let the woman speak what she thinks is right or wrong. Women can’t even share their ideas and express their feelings. When these girls see things in the Western culture, they started to realize that women should be treated equally.

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Many of these Western guys marry with ugly and low educated girls.

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