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The easy answer is that these men have money, but Winner began his heartbreak trail as a young and not yet successful producer and Mortimer was not loaded when he met Wendy.When it comes to getting even more intimate, 58 per cent of men and women confess to having had sex within the first three months of their relationship, while higher percentage of men (43 per cent compared to 36 per cent) admit having done so within the first.Men are also quick to commit to long term relationships.

The only dashing he was doing was between various women's beds. So how does a man like Mortimer, a Mr Rochester of his era, manage to seduce so many beautiful women? The same could be asked of Michael Winner, who in his new autobiography, Winner Takes All: A Life Of Sorts, claims to have bedded 130 lovers before apparently losing count.

How does a man who describes himself as 'extremely ugly' and looking like 'a pig', and a fat one at that, end up breaking the hearts of two of the great beauties of their time, Jill Ireland and Jenny Seagrove, to name but two?

Boys are softies and can be way mushier than us girls.

From the moment Jane Eyre took a burnt, blind and broken Mr Rochester in her arms and vowed forever to be his prop and guide, we women have been fascinated with love and the ugly man.

Some 33 per cent of men move in with their squeeze within the first year, and 37 per cent of respondents who were married or engaged went down on one knee within twelve months.

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She said: 'After centuries of women questioning the reluctance of men to commit or be romantic, it seems that we may just have been wrong all along!

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