Workerdating powered by vbulletin dating yorkshire

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Workerdating powered by vbulletin

Another co-worker told me about this, and he told him "on to the next one" like I was nothing.

When I got off work, I text him was everything okay, he read it with no response.

I don't want things to get weird between us because of his childish actions.

He also told all of the other guy workers what we've been doing at my house, kissing, touching, etc. I'm just so confused because I thought he would have been different.

Wondering if there's life after 6 months with the same person?

If you're in a serious long term relationship, this is your one-stop shop for questions and answers.

So things between my co-worker and I have been very weird lately.I thought everything was okay between us, but he came over my house last week and there has been no contact between us what-so-ever, and he didn't even say happy birthday to me.OK, so there will be a lot of changes and a steep learning curve for all, but please try and use the feedback forum to ask questions and I'll get you answers as soon as I can.The look and feel of the site may change (eg a logo and maybe tweaking of the colours) but on the whole this is the scheme it will stay Thanks for your patience during the move and happy posting Overshare Dude Are you past the flirting and dating stage?I didn't care about him not wishing me a happy birthday, but today we worked together, and he was not as happy as he always is whenever I work with him.

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