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Shout was launched in 2003 and following a similar model as Rhino, releasing music catalog re-issues and compilations, retro-TV shows on DVD.

Shout wanted somebody with a deep background in music and pop-culture, somebody that could flesh out a robust functional spec, understood the strategic elements of the user experience, and somebody who could oversee the entire build and launch through the entire development life-cycle.

The site was initially intended to be a PHP deployment, but the decision was eventually made to build the new Shout in ASP.

The one project more than any other that fully encompasses the entire range of my skill-set and strategic approach to creating consumer facing web destinations.

Rockn Roll Dating is just as it sounds: an online dating destination for Rock ‘n’ Roll folks of all stripes who feel that musical compatibility is an important piece of the relationship puzzle.

NET due to the fact that the Ecommerce component was built in a .

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NET: it was critical that the site and store be integrated for a seamless user experience between the two domain which exist on two different servers.

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