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After all, I'm just a 19 yo who intends to start a fundraiser in order to found a new church. He also gets mad whenever I volunteer to go help out at other branches.

I won't get into what the church is about in my question, but any inquiry will be gladly responded. It needs to be part-time because I will be studying full-time. When I call in he asks if I can't make it for at least part of the day. I went to work sick a couple of days but today I have a fever so I called in.

Its an awful job and I'm really too busy to work right now.

How should I go about establishing a non-profit organization to build a church? I will be going to college next year, it is out of my state. He asked me how high the fever was and if I had been sick or just woke up sick this morning.

When I said I had been sick and others had asked me about it, he told me to take it easy and he will see me tomorrow.

Anyone one with knowledge or any piece of information?

I understand that eventually It would cost, but right now I'm not in a position to do much. My boss used to act flirty towards me and get super pissed when I spoke with other males in the office.

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Also the manager is very mean and has yelled at me just because she can and it was so bad I left work crying the other night.