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Scot Mc Knight considers (one more time) the genre of the gospels.

Welcome to the February 2016 Biblical Studies Carnival!

Assembled below are the very best articles written this past month from around the Biblioblogging world. The April offering will come via That Jeff Carter Was Here.

This month’s offerings include introductions to Pseudo-Hacataeus, Eupolemus, the Epistle to Diognetus, and the Sibylline Oracles (Book One).

Gospels Doug Chaplin builds from Dunn’s in On (not) having Dunn Q.

I know this because I spent the extra day of February tracking down and reading a plethora of fascinating offerings. May’s Carnival will be moderated by Brian Renshaw (email).This month’s carnival includes submissions from the categories of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, New Testament, Early Christianity, Theology and Hermeneutics, Book Reviews, Tools and Resources, and News. Before leaping into this February’s readings, I encourage you to also visit Manuel HG’s Spanish Language Carnival. Finally, the June festivities will be hosted by Kris Lyle (@Kristopher Lyle).(Hint: Not really) Over at Jesus Creed, RJS walks through (and reflects upon) how to read Genesis.James Tabor offers a two-part response to a “Strange” review of his book, : Part One | Part Two William Hart Brown hosts a fascinating series entitled “Pseudepigrapha Saturdays” over at The Biblical Review (check out his work).At the Bible and Interpretation, Martin Ehrensvärd, Robert Rezetko, and Ian Young discuss an unsettling divide in linguistic dating and historical linguistics.

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